December 16
Los Angeles, Ca
Spring 2023
New York City - Wizard of Friendship Off Broadway
Past Shows:
November 16
Royal Oak, Michigan
November 17
St. Louis, Mo
November 18
Kansas City, Mo
November 19
Des Moines, Ia
November 20
Omaha, Ne
August 24
Live in San Francisco
July 15
The Wizard of Friendship - Live in Los Angeles
July 22
The Wizard of Friendship - Live in Los Angeles
April 9
Oakmont, Pennsylvania at The Oaks
April 10
GA Tickets to Syracuse Show at Wild Flowers Armory
March 27
Royal Oak, Michigan at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle
March 26
Lincoln Hall, Chicago
Feb 24
Denver Improv, Denver
Nov 2
Diskin Cider, Nashville, Tennessee
Nov 3
The Funny Bone, Columbus, Ohio
Nov 24
The Comedy Loft, Washington DC
Nov 29-30
Comedy Connection, Rhode Island
Dec 17
Lincoln Hall, Chicago
Dec 19
The Ready Room, St Louis
Dec 21
CB Live, Phoenix